Backpack For Mountain Biking

Top 5 Backpack For Mountain Biking

“Backpack For Mountain Biking” Mountain biking is such a type of riding that is full of adventure and thrilling and anyone can do it, but mountain bikers can face some difficulties. The difficulties can be decreased by some devices. One piece of these devices is a good backpack that is useful for a successful experience.

A comfortable, reliable, and high-quality backpack not only offer you to carry your stuff but also provides extra protection to face the difficulties coming your way.

In this article, we’re providing five types of mountain bike backpacks after some research and telling you the right way to get a good one. From the hydration system backpack to many important features, for knowing everything about it, read more and select a good companion for your next adventure.

Types of Mountain Biking Backpacks

The mountain biking backpack has three types: hydration packs, day packs, and panniers.

Day Packs:

Daypack is the most basic and small type of mountain biking. It is usually used for short riders and walking. You can’t store enough things than water bottles, breakfast and some clothes in it.

Hydration Pack:

Hydration backpacks can be used for more than one day in terms of features and size. Usually, the hydration pack has a reservoir of water and you can keep supplies like tools, snacks, and extra clothes. Many people especially have features of mountain biking packs, such as rain covers and straps to carry helmets.

Panniers Packs:

Panniers are the biggest and most heavy-duty type of Osprey mountain bike pack. It is designed to mount on both rear rack sides of your bike and it is usually used for long travel or commuting. Pannier’s backpack has more than one pocket and compartments to organize everything. Extra external loops and daisies are equipped for attaching gear.

How to choose the right backpack for mountain biking

When buying a backpack for mountain biking, there are some important points to keep in mind. First of All, the bag should be enough large, so that it can store all gears, tools, and a spare tire.

Second, this biking pack should be comfortable and its straps are easy to wear and divide the weight equally. Third, It should have a waterproof resistant shell or waterproof system to protect your items from damage.

Finally, Make sure that the bag has a strong frame so that it can face the bumps and jolts of the mountain. By following these factors, you can easily select a good companion for your next mountain biking adventure.

1: TETON Sports Oasis 18L Hydration Backpack

It is a description of the TETON Sports Oasis 18L best mountain biking hydration pack, which is specially made for different basic activities such as running, walking, cycling and biking, etc. You can store 2- liters of water in it for hydration.

This hydration pack is made of premium quality. It has multiple pockets for storage, a large main compartment, and adjustment straps for a comfortable trip. A large opening for easy filling and cleaning of 2 liters of water and a secure twist-lock bite valve for easy drinking. It is designed to provide both storage and hydration for all external activities of your bag.

Backpack For Mountain Biking

The hydration bag has extra features such as a mesh back panel for added comfort ventilation, and extra comfort, a built-in safety whistle on the chest strap, and reflective accents for increased visibility.

The bag comes with a bungee cord system in front of it to carry clothes and additional items. Overall TETON Sports Oasis 18L hydration is a stylish and easy thing for passengers and outdoor enthusiasts.



  • Opening for ice and easy cleaning.
  • Large main pocket protects gear.
  • The pockets are a great size.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.


  • Quality control ain’t good.

2: Cycling Hiking Sunhiker Water Resistant Backpack

This is an important description of the Sunhiker M0714 pack which is made for walking, hiking, camping, climbing, cycling, biking, and outdoor sports. This bag lightweight and water-resistant. t comes in a small size which is enough for a day trip. It has a capacity of almost 20kg, it is reliable, and made of water-resistant nylon material.

It has many pockets including a front pocket, a main compartment, and two side pockets for keeping water bottles. The shoulder straps are padded and adjusted for easy travel and also has back and chest strap for extra stability.

Backpack For Mountain Biking

The backpack is designed for ventilation, easy-wearing straps, and a mesh back panel for keeping you cold. Additionally, this bag is a perfect choice for outdoor activities and uses. Breathable mesh shoulder straps help relieve the stress on your shoulder.



  • Highly tear-resistant Nylon.
  • Perfect for all activities.
  • Provides you a long-term.
  • Durable outer fabric.


  • The inner zip pocket feels flimsy.

3: Vibrelli Hydration Pack For Biker

The Vibrelli Hydration Pack is perfect for bikers. this bag features a high-flow bite valve, storage compartments, and 2L hydration water storage. It is a good companion for people who are snowboarders, cyclists, hikers, bikers, runners, etc. It is also a reliable and suitable bag for men, women, and children.

The pack is lightweight and easy to carry and offers an easy method to keep hydrated while walking around. Its material is made of premium quality. It has a mesh back panel for breathing and shoulder straps are comfortability.

Backpack For Mountain Biking

The pack feature adjusted straps to fit your needs, and multiple compartments and pockets for storing your items. The 2L hydration water storage is BPA-proof and leak-proof and it is easy to clean and fill.

The high-flow bite valve allows you to drink water while walking around. The backpack design is very lightweight and makes it suitable and reliable for outdoor activities. Overall, the Vibrelli hydration backpack is a good companion for any enthusiasts who enjoy the adventure.



  • Taste-Free Hydration Bladder.
  • Comfortable & Lightweight.
  • High Flow Bite-Valve.
  • Multiple Storage Options.


  • The position of the valve is AWAY from your mouth.

4:evoc FR Enduro Hydration Pack Backpack

The Evoc FR Enduro Blackline is such a backpack that contains a hydration pack and protector. It is made for enduro mountain biking and provides both a hydration system and back protection for you during the journey.

The back protector of the pack meets European protection standards and if you fall down, it will offer protection to your backbone. It has a tube and a 3L hydration pack for easy access to water during the trip. The bag has a total capacity of 16L and has compartments and pockets to store gears and tools.

Backpack For Mountain Biking

There are adjusted straps to stay comfortable during a long journey and a ventilated back system for breathing. The main compartment of the backpack is easily accessible through the top zipper and a separate tool compartment at the bottom. There are straps to connect body armor, a helmet holder, and a back belt for extra comfort. In addition, this backpack is a great choice for bikers.



  • Polyurethane lining
  • Zipper closure.
  • Machine Wash.


  • the backpack may be relatively large and heavier compared to other hydration packs.

5: High Sierra HydraHike Hydration Backpack

The High Sierra HydraHike Hydration Backpack is lightweight and easy to carry for walking, cycling, biking, and running. The backpack’s capacity is 8L and is made to hold Hydration sources. The backpack comes in two colors that are redline/mercury and excellent companion for men, women, and toddlers.

This bag’s material is a high-quality and water-proof material which makes it a great option for bikers. It features a front small pocket to store small items, mesh pockets for keeping water bottles, and adjusted straps for a comfortable fit. It comes with a tube management system to keep the hydration tube at a side during walking around.

Backpack For Mountain Biking

This bag is a good and practical option for anyone who is looking for versatile hydration and a lightweight companion. The backpack has an 8L capacity which is enough for carrying your essential items during small or long rides.



  • Large main compartment with a hydration reservoir.
  • The quality is amazing.
  • perfect for Day hiking trips.


  • The bladder is not easy to clean.


What is the best backpack for mountain biking?

The different types of models and brands are available in the market, so it is necessary to investigate before making a purchase.

What should I look for in a backpack for mountain biking?

When buying a backpack for mountain biking, you should consider the shape, size, straps, as well as padding types.

How do I know if a backpack is comfortable?

The best way to determine it that you put some gears and tools in it and walk around. then feel it makes you comfortable or not.


Mountain biking is a dangerous and exciting sport, in which you need specific tools for protection and enjoyment. A decent-quality mountain bike pack can have a significant effect on your level of comfort while out on the paths.

We hope that our recommended article can help you to find the right bag from the list of top five backpacks for mountain biking. From hydration backpacks to lightweight day-hiking bags, each of these backpacks can offer different which can help you take your next mountain biking to the next level.